Edible Insects Card Game
Sago Worms

Enjoy the Edible Insects Card Game.

English version out now!

If you are lacking a present for the party next weekend, this Edible Insects Card Game is for you. The pictures of ant salad, roasted grasshoppers and diving beetle in curry sauce will definitely keep the conversation going.

The Edible Insects Card Game is played in manner of good old Top Trumps, which means you will let your yummy insects battle against each other in categories like length, no. of legs, proteine, calories, cooking time and chitinous armour. So you eventually learn what you have been missing, when you refused to eat the fly that came with your soup in the restaurant.

To order your Edible Insects Card Game now is as easy-peasy as eating a fried earthworm:

1) Just send us an e-mail to info@insektenquartett.de with your contact information and the number or games you like to order. Price per game is 9.90 EUR plus 3.00 EUR for shipping costs (in Europe only, for other countries please ask us).

2.) You receive confirmation from us about the number of games ordered, the total price and our bank contact information.

3.) As soon as we received the payment in our bank account we send out your delicious Edible Insects Card Game to your address.